Google Nexus 10 and the Android 5.0 L Update – What to Expect

[First published on JBG News]

Google is gearing up to release its Android 5.0 L update for the Nexus series. Although the company has previously been coy about the schedule for its new offering, sources close to Android Geeks have confirmed that it may arrive sooner than expected.

It is likely that the release will occur in the fall, right around the time the Nexus 10 gets a new member in its family – the Nexus 9. According to reports the update could be revealed mid-October and launched onto the market on November 1st. Android L won’t be its name, either, since the Mountain View-based giant likes to give its updates the dessert-based monikers. Lollipop, Licorice and Lemon Meringue Pie have been mentioned, with the latter most likely to be the final choice.

It’s accepted that Android 5.0 L will be the biggest update since the launch of the software platform in 2008, but what will it bring to the table for Nexus 10 owners?

For starters, Google will be bringing updated battery life and system performance improvements. Android 5.0 L will come with support for 64-bit processors and replaces the current Dalvik runtime with ART. This will extend battery life by between 30 and 40 per cent. Google also hopes to bring more color to the Nexus, with a new design philosophy called Material Design. Material Design aims to bring more colors and animations to the device, as well as help with the implementation of 3D and shadows.

The Notifications Panel will be receiving a new color scheme and transparent background, as well seeing a removal of the “quick settings” button. The menu itself won’t have disappeared though, it will only require users to swipe the notification bar down and then swipe down once more. Toggles in the new settings bar will include WiFi, bluetooth, mobile data, airplane mode, auto-rotate, location, cast screen, notifications and a brightness slider.

The lock screen on your Nexus 10 will now display notifications that can be interacted with fully: you can swipe them to dismiss them, tap them to read them or swipe them down for more details. Certain apps on the Nexus will now be integrated into the new “recents” screen, which will display a card for each open app. The status bar has been tweaked, too. The “dynamic status bar” will remain transparent in lock screen but then change color to match that of any app you will be using. Developers be warned, however, as apps will need to be updated to fully integrate with the new design.

The Android 5.0 L update for all nexus devices should arrive on November 1st, according to Android Geeks, most likely followed by a batch of Google Play smartphones.

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