Will Windows 10 be watching you type your passwords and confidential information?

[Original published on jbgnews]

Microsoft has has replied to claims that the Technical Preview for its new operating system Windows 10 comes with a “built in key-logger” that tracks its user’s every keystroke.

Sites across the internet broke the news earlier this week, much to Windows fans’ ire, suggesting that Windows 10 is an insecure OS that could deposit data about your passwords, emails and private messages into easily-readable data files. Redmond, however, has come out with a surprising retort: it’s true, Windows 10 does log your typing – but everyone should know that already as they agreed to it in the Terms of Use.

“With Windows 10, we’re kicking off the largest ever open collaborative development effort that will change the way we build and deliver Windows,” a Microsoft spokesperson told The Register. “Users who join the Windows Insider Program and opt-in to the Windows 10 Technical Preview are choosing to provide data and feedback that will help shape the best Windows experience for our customers.”

So what kind of data is Microsoft collecting? According to the Terms of Use it includes “personal information” that the company will use to “improve products and services”. The firm also reserves the right to collect your name, email address, browsing history, phone call and SNS data and application usage. It’s enough to make anybody shiver. Whether all of these collection procedures will make be bundled into the final release is unknown.

Those reaching to delete their System32 should not fear, however: you’re more likely to win the lottery than have Microsoft misuse the data it collects. It does set a worrying precedent, however, as the company becomes more and more up-front about its policies. Whether all of this data is only for improving Windows 10, though, is up to the consumer to decide.

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