Weekly tech news roundup – 21/05/14

Welcome to another week’s tech news roundup! As always there’s a good load of news for you to digest.

IBM has discovered a new polymer that is stronger than human bones and can fully repair itself. The possibilities are endless, as it can be sued to increase the strength of plastics and materials by 50%.

China and the US have been in a hissy-fit throwing contest. The States declares (in one of the most hypocritical announcements ever made) that China has been illegally spying on its industries. In retaliation China has decided to stop buying Windows 8 for its government computers. Poor Microsoft!

Here’s the rest of the news, as per usual!

Primary school develops unique social network for pupils

Cisco to free users from boardroom with cloud meeting service

Oracle acquires VDI startup GreenBytes

Companies risk all by skimping on security say Verizon

Dropbox taps up 3D photo startup Bubbli

Cisco CEO: Tech City is no Silicon Valley competitor

IBM discovers self-healing polymer stronger than bone

Microsoft Azure to ceritfy SAP apps in new cloud deal

Information overload driving up office worker stress

Box Android app overhaul introduces revamped UI & features

IBM to make big data accessible to users via cloud

Employees steal data to make good impression in a new job

Amazon & Snapchat ranked bottom for government requests

Google linked to $1bn acquisition of video game site Twitch

Apple & Google settle long-running patent war

Outage cripples Creative Cloud

US slams China for state-sponsored cyber-espionage

Windows 8 banned by Chinese government

Half of accountancy clients want cloud-based services

BlackShades malware distributors targeted in global arrests

WhatsApp for Windows Phone pulled due to 8.1 bug

Are Apple, Microsoft & Samsung using slave labour?

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