Some form of tech roundup!

I’m really losing track of what, who, when or where my news is! My life has been a whirlwind of half-days, trips to London and interviews! The good news is that I have now attained another freelance position at the very snazzy ITProPortal, so effectively my new output will double! On top of that I have a second-stage interview next week with the IT powerhouses of ITPro and CloudPro, where hopefully I can wow them with my tiny blog statistics and (ahem) wit.

This week, last week’s and everything in between roundup will be a slap dash affair I’m afraid, even more so as I’m doing it on a Thursday instead of a Friday, when I should really be doing it!

So what do we have? Tumblr has ramped up security on its site with two-stage authentication, while Google and AWS battle it out in the competition to see who can cut cloud prices the furthest. Facebook, Paypal and Ashton Kutcher (?!) have all invested in a secretive AI firm, while employees are going against company wishes to use commercial cloud services.

Here’s all of the news:

Avatars and exoskeletons to feature in world’s first Bionic Olympics in 2016

Rogue employees filling corporate cloud gap with Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud

Nokia Lumia 630 specs leaked ahead of release

AWS announce new price cuts in cloud discount war with Google

Exploit in Microsoft Word lets hackers infiltrate systems

Tumblr locks up with two-stage authentication

Enterprise thin client shipments reached new high in 2013

Survey finds four-fifths of businesses unprepared for cyber attacks


Last week’s (and some of this week’s) tech news roundup!

Well, this is getting complicated. I really have to make sure that I get more regular with these so news doesn’t overlap! Anyway, here are some recent tech stories, including the news that Morrisons have had the details of their employees stolen and posted online. IT pros have also said in a survey that wearable tech will outsell traditional electronics within five years. I don’t know about you, but I for one welcome our new clunky-watch filled future!

Here’s the rest, as usual:

Samsung locks in KNOX deal with Telefónica

Morrisons employee arrested following staff data theft

Hynix sued by Toshiba, SanDisk over memory tech leak

D-Link outs fixed LTE routers ’10 times faster’ than competition

IT pros say wearables will outsell traditional electronics in five years

NSA took control of botnets to use as new spying resource

Paym is the new mobile payment system on the block


This week’s (and last week’s) tech news roundup!

Whoops, I might have forgotten a little bit about this blog. I’ve been all over the place in travelling to interviews and sending applications, as well as having to sort out some money issues and an upcoming visit to Wembley. You lucky things, you get two doses of tech news this week. It might be old, but it’s still juicy! The best reading can be found where an IBM man has said that Windows Phone is the best for business, as well as scary news from McAfee, who have writ large about a secret underground malware industry. 300,000 routers might have been infected in a new mega-hack too!

Here’s the roundup in full:

D-Link outs new switches for SMBs to tame bandwidth demands

Intel develops 800Gbps cable to supercharge the cloud and big data

IBM man thinks Windows Phone is best for business

Sophos aims to deliver big protection for smaller companies

‘Dark Web’ fuelling criminal ‘malware industry’

Target CIO resigns following major data breaches

DocuSign outs Security Appliance to bolster document protection

IBM challenges students around the world to Master the Mainframe

Mainframes are outdated and expensive, survey finds

More than 300,000 office and home routers infected in new mega-hack

Enterprise demand fuels rocketing Ethernet market growth

Work on ultra-fast 400G Ethernet underway

This week’s tech news roundup

Once again I’m horribly late to round up the news, but life gets in the way sometimes, and I was enjoying my weekend far too much!

So, here we have an update for the week of the 24th to the 28th. There’re some big goings on at Google, who have peeved more than a few by taking the stance to disable any apps that have not been downloaded from their own app store. I suppose when you start filling your company with ex-Microsoft employees you’re bound to start to turn into a consumer-ignoring super-corp, right? Gartner has also raised a few eyebrows by predicting that 33% of the Fortune 100 companies will have an ‘information crisis’ by 2017. It’s of course only a coincidence that their management convention is around the corner.

Here’s the rest of last week’s news, enjoy!

Acision lights messaging Fuze for telcos with white-label app

Gartner predicts third of major firms will suffer information crisis by 2017

Chrome rubs beta users the wrong way with update

Office 2013 Service Pack 1 outed with stability and security fixes

Kaspersky Lab launches Fraud Prevention Platform

PayPal and Samsung let Galaxy S5 owners shop with a finger tap

Government announces £250 million broadband boost

MWC 2014: EE forges new 4G deal with Nokia Solutions Network

Emporia handsets aim to push the right buttons

This week’s tech news roundup

This post is slightly late due to other commitments at the weekend, but that doesn’t mean that the news isn’t as quality as always! With the mobile world congress on the horizon there have been a lot of stories on networking and mobility.

Perhaps the most worrying is the study conducted by Tripwire that discovered that four-fifths of popular routers have major security flaws. Better news came in the way of findings that British companies are the best for outsourcing their IT needs, while French and German premier’s are discussing a European communications network.

Here’s all the news as always:

Study finds four-fifths of popular routers have major security flaws

UK businesses take pole position in IT multi-sourcing

Fujitsu reveals first tablet with palm-activated security

UK businesses ignoring threats from the cloud, BYOD

GSMA expects Internet of Things connections to grow 22% in 2014

Cisco and AGT buddy up to deliver ‘smart cities’

IBM and AT&T create global alliance for the Internet of Things

Spotify could be eyeing up a possible IPO

French and German leaders to discuss anti-US comms network

Google planning multi-million data centre in Ireland



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