Tech news roundup – 14/05/2014

Aaaand I’m already late the party. I was in Amsterdam yesterday attending a meeting so I didn’t have the time or the Wi-Fi to get a good tech news roundup in.

At any rate I hope you haven’t missed me too much and are ready to dive into some choice news!

Samsung have made a bit of a blunder in revealing the specs and looks of their new tablet the Galaxy Tab 6 in a filing to the FCC in the US.

Facebook has said that it wants to open an office in China despite the company’s social network being banned in the country since 2009.

In a landmark ruling, search engines in Europe will be liable for the data that is shown by their results. Google has been successfully brought to court over failing to remove a man’s credentials.

As always, here’s the rest:

Samsung Galaxy S Tab specs revealed in FFC filing

Apple WWDC 2014: iOS 8, iWatch and OS X 10.10

Security being left in the dust amidst rising cloud adoption

AWS adds professional exams to cloud certification scheme

OpenStack Marketplace aims to clear up open-source confusion

Facebook wants to open an office in China by 2015

Office iPad apps top 27m downloads in 6 weeks

Box to light up General Electric with cloud collaboration

Google has to delete private data, says EU court

Samsung Galaxy S5 ships 10 million units in 25 days

IBM CEO outlines 10-year growth plan for Big Blue

Amazon CTO: focus on the customer to aid cloud adoption

Heartbleed bug still a threat after flawed patches

Apple iPhone 6 release set for August?

Data breach leaves Bitly accounts compromised

Met Police to trial body cameras

Apple waves goodbye to US sales head and PR chief

Is Microsoft planning a smartwatch?


Some form of tech roundup!

I’m really losing track of what, who, when or where my news is! My life has been a whirlwind of half-days, trips to London and interviews! The good news is that I have now attained another freelance position at the very snazzy ITProPortal, so effectively my new output will double! On top of that I have a second-stage interview next week with the IT powerhouses of ITPro and CloudPro, where hopefully I can wow them with my tiny blog statistics and (ahem) wit.

This week, last week’s and everything in between roundup will be a slap dash affair I’m afraid, even more so as I’m doing it on a Thursday instead of a Friday, when I should really be doing it!

So what do we have? Tumblr has ramped up security on its site with two-stage authentication, while Google and AWS battle it out in the competition to see who can cut cloud prices the furthest. Facebook, Paypal and Ashton Kutcher (?!) have all invested in a secretive AI firm, while employees are going against company wishes to use commercial cloud services.

Here’s all of the news:

Avatars and exoskeletons to feature in world’s first Bionic Olympics in 2016

Rogue employees filling corporate cloud gap with Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud

Nokia Lumia 630 specs leaked ahead of release

AWS announce new price cuts in cloud discount war with Google

Exploit in Microsoft Word lets hackers infiltrate systems

Tumblr locks up with two-stage authentication

Enterprise thin client shipments reached new high in 2013

Survey finds four-fifths of businesses unprepared for cyber attacks


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