Anno 2205 Review

If you’ve ever left the water running while you brushed your teeth, turned up the heating in Winter instead of putting on a jumper or washed your clothes at 40 rather than 30 then I want you to take some time out and think about what you’ve done. Because you’ve causedAnno 2205.

The city-builder series has decided to take a leap forward in time from 2070 to the far flung future, in which global warming has left the Earth covered with water and humankind struggling to survive on the archipelago left over from what was presumably the Alps, Himalayas, Rockies and Carpathians. Despite royally screwing up the planet, we as a race have managed to hold on to our technological abilities and it’s up to the player to help rebuild society.


How will you go about saving humanity? By building a fusion reactor on the Moon, naturally. Before you can get to that incredible feat of engineering, though, you’ll need to choose from two competing corporations (it’s always corporations in sci-fi, isn’t it?) and build up a futuristic city to support such an endeavour.

Construction in the game will be familiar to most players of city-builders. You drag and drop roads, houses, factories et al. from a list menu onto suitable pieces of terrain and watch them grow. Anno 2205 goes about the prospect of building on tiny islands in an inventive way, though: you can tack additions, modules and stat-boosting extras to your buildings, making them grow naturally like a sprawling dyst- err, I mean utopian, city. A welcome sight for cack-handed builders like yours truly is the ability to reposition elements after they’ve been placed.

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