Football Manager 2016 Review

To many, Football Manager is more than a game; it’s a passion. I’ve had complex conversations about tactics, the use of the trequartista and the benefits of a 3-5-2 formation with people I didn’t even know, all because of Sports Interactive’s seminal series. The latest game to roll off of the Football Manager production line is as packed with tactics, statistics and fine-tuned details as those before it, but with a few new additions, as well.

Football Manager 2016 seems to be designed to build upon the new systems introduced in the 2015 version of the series. Indeed, many of the things that fans of the series complained about have been tweaked and fixed. Sports Interactive have also made steps to include as many different versions of the main game as possible, as well as introduce features that many of its customers have called for.

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The Football Manager series allows players to take over the helm at almost any football club in the world’s top divisions. From player recruitment to scouting to tactics, everything and anything can be at your control. The sheer amount of information presented to the player can be staggering – something that newcomers to the series may struggle with – butFootball Manager 2016 also offers a number of tooltips and tutorials to help players familiarise themselves with the interface. Admittedly, it’s tough to judge the game on these merits as a veteran of the series – the UI experienced a major shift in Football Manager 2014, which has given regulars time to adjust.

Other changes have occurred in the man management side of the game. Football Managerhas always aimed to make your players feel like human beings with wants, needs and feelings. Drop a veteran striker in favour of a fresh-faced youngster and he might knock on your (proverbial) office door to have a word with you about respect. In previous iterations of the series, however, these little tiffs with players could erupt into full mutinies from key players and staff, no matter what your style of management. This feature has seen some work and now it feels far more fluid. Players will stick up for mates and favoured personnel but couldn’t care less about some 17-year-old in the reserves who feels like he should be in the first team.

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