Knights of Pen and Paper 2 Review

I have only ever played Dungeons & Dragons once. One rainy summer’s day three friends and I tried out a dusty D&D set we found in a pile of board games. It was a version that meant you couldn’t create your own characters and we played it for some time, enjoying the (albeit slightly restricted) freedom of our collective imagination. It’s that feeling that KYY Games seeks to emulate with Knights of Pen and Paper 2.


From minute one, the game thrusts you into the world of the D&D player, complete with tropes, clichés, in-jokes and references. You play a set of intrepid adventurers making their way through the world of ‘Paperos’, attempting to foil the plans of the dastardly Paper Knight who is wreaking havoc throughout the land by blurring the lines between 1st and 2nd edition rules. You can choose from a wide variety of classes right from the start and the game introduces a novel method of character creation. Your adventurers start out life as goths, jocks and nerds – who are then transformed by your choices in dwarves, elves and human warriors, thieves and wizards.

Read the rest of the review on GameGrin here

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