FIFA 15 Ultimate Team web app arrives on Android and iOS

[First posted on jbgnews on 04/10/2014]

Those who can’t wait to get their FIFA fix on the move will be pleased to hear that EA has released the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app for Android and iOS.

Server side problems meant that the original web app had to be delayed by almost a week as fans clamored to prepare their teams for the new game. Even after launch EAs servers struggled to cope with the inflow of traffic, resulting in multiple downtimes.

An Origin account is required to connect to the app on both Google Play and the App Store, where it can be found lurking amidst the top ranking charts. The app allows users to keep connected to their Ultimate Team and manage it when outside of the house. Features in the app include concept squads, bidding on the transfer market, selling via the transfer list and purchasing packs of players. Users can also use club activities and see news and notifications directly from EA Sports.

Not everything has gone as smoothly as planned, though, with a number of users complaining of issues connecting, much the same as the original browser app. One, according to phonesreview, commented: “The app was working fine last night and this morning. Now it keeps coming up with an error message!” Another wrote “Not able to make transfers so the app is pretty much pointless!”

Many users have given the app one and two star ratings on both platforms, with complaints centering around being unable to make changes to squads, sub players or the app charging people unnecessarily. It seems that the troubles that dogged the browser app might also haunt the mobile version. Hopefully for all those FIFA fanatics out there a fix will be implemented soon.

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