The curious case of my continuing writer’s block

I began writing my own stories at age eight, when tasked to create some creative writing at school. I wrote an exceedingly gory story about someone murdering all the people in my school, a la Scream. Looking back at it now, it probably seemed a lot darker than I intended it to, and I can only imagine what my teacher must have thought about it. After that I spent a lot of my free time at home writing my own stories for my favourite movies.

I wrote a horribly plaigerised version of Behind Enemy Lines and read it to my class when I was 10. I decided to tackle J. R. Tolkien at age 11 and created a post-Lord of the Rings saga in which Aragorn’s son and Legolas go into the woods to kill leftover orcs.

It wasn’t until I hit my teens (and got into Warhammer) that I discovered that what I had been doing actually had a category, and joined a fan-fiction forum for the Black Library, Games Workshop‘s fiction wing. Sadly, that original forum no longer exists, and with it went so very many of my stories. I had spent maybe two to three years writing continuously on that forum.

(I found all my old stories on a cursory Google search, they are here, though bear in mind I wrote this a long time ago!)

From short stories to epic 40-50,000 word novellas, I churned out a surprising amount of work. Following the closure of the site, I tried to move on to other forums but university got in the way and I stopped.

It boggles my mind that some of the people I used to write with and chat with all the time are still posting on replacement forums to this day. I would try to contact them, but it’s been far too long I’d say.

At any rate, since then I have attempted to start many stories of my own design. To this day I would say I have written over 40-50 intros, first chapters and prologues, and never wanted to continue any of them.

Crafting a world for myself seems to be the main issue. I have grand ideas for characters, settings, plotlines, but when it comes to putting them down I simply cannot. I’ve tried to go back to short stories of maybe 1-2,000 words but can’t get those right either.

Thus I think I have a horrendous continuing case of writer’s block. The one story I began, and got more than 10,000 words into, was lost when an old laptop was formatted.

I’ll keep trying, and I keep running story ideas by everyone: my girlfriend, my parents, my cat… Hopefully one day I will start something and just be unable to stop writing it.

Until then it will have to be video game reviews, football analysis and opinion pieces, I think!


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