200 word review: Assassins Creed 4 (PC)

The fourth installment of the historical (or futuristic?) pseudo-science stealth-em-up finds itself in the golden age of piracy. Gorgeous graphically, the game’s open world Caribbean is something to behold, filled with ships, sharks and dangers as well as reasons to explore. Ship to ship combat is fluid and exciting, and so is the well paced story – at least in the first half. As soon as Ubisoft try to shoe in their overarching story things get a little dull and slow.


Fighting sharks can often be more fun than fighting Templars

Perhaps a better pirate game than an Assassins’ game (which is no bad thing) the game moves seamlessly from ship to sea to land. The cast of characters are relatable and likeable, especially the roguish lead. The lack of a definite antagonist does leave the games’ ending as more of a whimper than a bang, however, which left me saying “oh, that’s it?” as the credits rolled.

Jumping from your ship into the ocean feels great every time


Controls are tight and handle well, even if the camera sometimes has a case of the jitters. Some mission types are repetitive, but all in all a blockbuster of a game well worth the money on any console.



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