Wednesday technews roundup – 07/05/14

It’s been a while since I did one of these!

But now I’m back with some lovely fresh news for all of you who look to WordPress (and me) for what’s going on in tech.

I’ll hopefully be doing these every Wednesday to keep everyone informed, since it seems to be when the news really peaks for us in the office.

So, without further ado, here we go!

HP have announced their new Helion portfolio, offering enterprise customers an open source solution to their cloud management whilst also protecting them from indemnity.

On the weirder side of cloud, spreadsheets hosted in it are being used to track Mexican immigrants and pregnant goats.

Google has caused a bit of a stir as emails have emerged detailing that they may have been a bit more friendly with the NSA than they claimed.

As always, here’s the lot, below:

HP backs open source cloud computing with Helion launch

Immigrants and goats tracked by cloud-based spreadsheets

Controversial copyright firm sets sights on UK

Cloud storage users accidentally leak vital data

Leaked emails show NSA’s close ties with Google

Oculus Rift headset trialled by Norwegian army

Companies confused by cloud security with encryption on the rise

AMD banks on ARM & x86 merger with Project SkyBridge

Symantec: “Anti-virus software is no moneymaker”

US court orders cloud providers to hand over customer data

Tesco to follow-up Hudl success with Samsung Galaxy S5 “challenger”

OneNote for Mac & iPhone receives functionality boost

Apple, Google & Microsoft set to notify users of government data requests

Apple headphones to feature health monitors in future?

Almost one-fifth of UK theft leads to data loss

“Dark Wallet” bitcoin software aims to keep users anonymous

Drop in data breach fines despite uptick in security leaks

Microsoft reinforces commitment to UK start-ups

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