Just keep swimming – part two

A little while ago I wrote a post on my blog emphasising that in a “chase your dreams” way, you should always work towards your goals. In essence, just keep swimming.

Since that post, which introduced the fact I had been tapped to start a career as a freelance journalist (something a lot do at the end of their careers, not the start), I’ve been in for a rather whirlwind seven months.

Through a tough month and a half or so, when my grammatical skills, spelling and syntax were put through the wringer (and I still struggle with the fact companies are singular), I was schooled in what would be required of me. I had no bones about journalism; I knew that without a degree I was going in blind, not really knowing what was expected.

All through my tenancy as a freelancer I was on the lookout for a job that could put me into writing full time. Applications were sent to the British Museum, National Heritage, Nintendo Magazine, Nuts, Men’s Health, FourFourTwo and more.

The rejection, refusals and simple non-answers flooded in, but I kept going. Soon enough along came a second freelance role at IT Pro Portal, which was handy, as Tech Radar Pro were slimming their news output and had no more room for me.

An application to PC Pro at Dennis Publishing pinged back to me one day. I hadn’t got the job, it read, but would I like to apply to work at two other of the company’s publications, IT Pro and Cloud Pro?

I accepted, having read through the webpages and their content. To my surprise I was accepted to interview. What followed was a rather nervous interview (I’ve since been told my frantic pen-clicking was driving the interviewer barmy) and a rather more relaxed trial day.

Then, just like that, I received a call asking if I would like to accept a full time job offer as a staff writer.

I still can’t really believe it. From despairing back in November 2013 that I had no time to write to get my name out there to suddenly being a writer for two of the most popular tech websites in the UK.

I never gave in, as much as I wanted to. Every temptation was there for me to sack it in and attempt an “any degree will do” job, but I stuck with it. Through thick and thin, and poor and poorer, I refused to apply for any job that wasn’t writing.

Here I am, and I couldn’t be happier.

(He says, before his probation period has finished).

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