Last week’s (and some of this week’s) tech news roundup!

Well, this is getting complicated. I really have to make sure that I get more regular with these so news doesn’t overlap! Anyway, here are some recent tech stories, including the news that Morrisons have had the details of their employees stolen and posted online. IT pros have also said in a survey that wearable tech will outsell traditional electronics within five years. I don’t know about you, but I for one welcome our new clunky-watch filled future!

Here’s the rest, as usual:

Samsung locks in KNOX deal with Telefónica

Morrisons employee arrested following staff data theft

Hynix sued by Toshiba, SanDisk over memory tech leak

D-Link outs fixed LTE routers ’10 times faster’ than competition

IT pros say wearables will outsell traditional electronics in five years

NSA took control of botnets to use as new spying resource

Paym is the new mobile payment system on the block


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