This week’s (and last week’s) tech news roundup!

Whoops, I might have forgotten a little bit about this blog. I’ve been all over the place in travelling to interviews and sending applications, as well as having to sort out some money issues and an upcoming visit to Wembley. You lucky things, you get two doses of tech news this week. It might be old, but it’s still juicy! The best reading can be found where an IBM man has said that Windows Phone is the best for business, as well as scary news from McAfee, who have writ large about a secret underground malware industry. 300,000 routers might have been infected in a new mega-hack too!

Here’s the roundup in full:

D-Link outs new switches for SMBs to tame bandwidth demands

Intel develops 800Gbps cable to supercharge the cloud and big data

IBM man thinks Windows Phone is best for business

Sophos aims to deliver big protection for smaller companies

‘Dark Web’ fuelling criminal ‘malware industry’

Target CIO resigns following major data breaches

DocuSign outs Security Appliance to bolster document protection

IBM challenges students around the world to Master the Mainframe

Mainframes are outdated and expensive, survey finds

More than 300,000 office and home routers infected in new mega-hack

Enterprise demand fuels rocketing Ethernet market growth

Work on ultra-fast 400G Ethernet underway

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