This week’s tech news roundup

This post is slightly late due to other commitments at the weekend, but that doesn’t mean that the news isn’t as quality as always! With the mobile world congress on the horizon there have been a lot of stories on networking and mobility.

Perhaps the most worrying is the study conducted by Tripwire that discovered that four-fifths of popular routers have major security flaws. Better news came in the way of findings that British companies are the best for outsourcing their IT needs, while French and German premier’s are discussing a European communications network.

Here’s all the news as always:

Study finds four-fifths of popular routers have major security flaws

UK businesses take pole position in IT multi-sourcing

Fujitsu reveals first tablet with palm-activated security

UK businesses ignoring threats from the cloud, BYOD

GSMA expects Internet of Things connections to grow 22% in 2014

Cisco and AGT buddy up to deliver ‘smart cities’

IBM and AT&T create global alliance for the Internet of Things

Spotify could be eyeing up a possible IPO

French and German leaders to discuss anti-US comms network

Google planning multi-million data centre in Ireland



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