TR articles and 500,000 YouTube views

Thought I’d spice up my usual round-up post with a reveal, scooby-doo style.

I made a video two years ago that made me chuckle slightly. I was messing around with Batman Arkham Asylum and recorded a little bit of it and set it to music. That video became “Walk the Dinosaur” which, this week, topped over 500,000 views on YouTube:

I use my YouTube channel mainly for just making silly videos, but it gives you an idea of what an audience likes. On my channel I have previously planned and meticulously edited 10-15 minutes videos full of quality that took me weeks. They never really got past 400-500 views. ALL the videos I made for a cheap laugh have more than 1,000. I’ve only recently re-started recording video game stuff for the channel (which had been dead for 2 years) so maybe there will be more to see there!

So, as per usual here is also another roundup of last week’s articles!

Non-license software increasingly appealing to SMBs

IBM weighing up sale of semiconductor operation

Google reaches agreement with EU, settles antitrust case

Toshiba offers SMBs trade-in offer as Windows XP end date nears

Buffalo launches new Windows Storage Server series

Watson travels to Africa as IBM aims to drive development

Zynstra’s hybrid cloud solution integrates Office 365 with on-premise systems

German government to be sued by hacking group

Iridium launches satellite hotspot that fits in your pocket

GCHQ reportedly attacked hacktivist groups with DDoS strikes

Google and Cisco enter long-term patent agreement

OpenDaylight Project releases open source SDN architecture

Tech companies disclose secret government data requests

Businesses at risk from poor third-party software, mobile apps

Amazon still ahead of the pack for IaaS and PaaS

North Korean OS apes Apple in newest update

Twitter once again considering letting you buy stuff from tweets

Syrian Electronic Army raids eBay, PayPal UK

Microsoft “Centre of Transparency” invites governments to check its source code

Leaked Windows 8.1 update brings tweaked tile-snapping, shutdown menu

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