Languages and a birthday

Once again I’ve left it a bit late on my schedule for posting… Supposed to have written this on Wednesday but instead here I am just pushing into Friday! Deary me.

This week I saw some results from my jogging – keeping myself disciplined was the key and downloading “Zombies, Run!” was a masterstroke if I do say so myself. Combining my love of zombie movies with jogging means I look forward to them often as not. I’m currently aiming to break a 15 minute 3km. Given that half of my usual route is uphill, if I can manage it it’ll be a great milestone to hit.

I’ve also began to take up German again, though very slowly. I’ve been learning it on and off since I stopped taking mandatory school lessons in it back when I was 16. My reading and writing is waaaay above my speaking, so I’m using DuoLingo, a great website to improve my reading and writing in German, before I launch myself into fully speaking it. I’ll also at some point attempt to get into Italian – because why not?

It’s my birthday next week. I’ll be 23. That happened pretty quickly. I can remember my 22nd like it was yesterday. My 21st… Not so much! I’ve been out of university for six months now, and I still don’t really feel like an adult. With the possibility of job interviews on the horizon maybe I will soon enough.

Tomorrow will be another articles post! Look forward to another of my rare music posts soon, too, as I will be reviewing James Vincent McMorrow’s newest album “Post Tropical”.

Until then!

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