Windows employees drop a clanger, 123456 is the newest worst password, and Microsoft gets hacked again!

More news from the TechRadar side of things. I haven’t been able to write a proper blog post for a while but things have been busy! Lots to write about for future posts though. Here’s a list of articles published this week:

Supreme Court rejects SAP appeal against $391 million lawsuit

Microsoft hacked again by Syrian Electronic Army

16 million online accounts in Germany ‘compromised’

List of 25 worst passwords show importance of proper business security

Could the Windows 9 release date be October 2014?

South Korea’s new mobile broadband set to be fastest in world

EE promises to plug security hole found in Brightbox routers

Acer calls notebooks a ‘misstep’ after profits tumble

Virus found in payment systems capable of stealing data

Intel to cut more than 5,000 jobs in 2014

Microsoft employees admit Windows 8 is ‘the new Vista’

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