A fridge that sends spam emails, Microsoft paying people to use Windows Phone, and other news

Another week comes to a close and boy has it been hectic! I’ve applied to two jobs, one at Buzfeed and one at (excitingly) Nintendo Magazine. Hopefully all my new experience will have some weighting on decisions!

I also reached 100 articles this week, which is a great milestone to hit, especially in just over a month (that also included Christmas)!

The pick of there stories has to be the one about a fridge that’s spamming people with junk email:

Smart fridge goes rogue, helps spam 750,000 email accounts

Here are the rest of my articles this week too:

Microsoft denies paying OEMs to support Windows Phone

Gigabyte outs 10.1-inch Slate PC packing Bay Trail and leggy battery life

Screen sharing comes to Linux via Deskhop

IBM investing in global cloud coverage with new data centres

BT trials new network tech for ‘Internet of Things’

Yahoo top chief makes ‘decision’ to quit

Google loses High Court bid to block UK legal action

Microsoft extends XP anti-malware support past end-of-life date

Google given ‘last chance’ to settle its European antitrust case

Court refuses FCC net neutrality legislation in landmark ruling

IceFog malware still causing trouble with Java backdoor

Google’s flight comparison feature prepares for take off

New Intel chip factory placed on hold as sales slump

Rural broadband connection gets £10 million fund for alternative tech

Major cyber attacks can be predicted, say researchers

Target’s point-of-sale terminals infected with malware

Thousands of government PCs will expose themselves to malware as Windows XP expires

Microsoft and GoDaddy to lure SMBs with Office 365 promo

Most iPhone banking apps vulnerable to hacking

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