Music showcase: The Dear Hunter

I have quite a lot of music. It’s not necessarily a good thing, and it’s not something I try to brag about. Mainly due to the fact that I have so much crammed into my media player that I don’t really get a chance to listen to half of it. Occasionally a song will pop up that I like the sound of and I have to go trawling through the endless list of titles until I find something that sounded vaguely like a chorus.

It wasn’t really so when I first heard this band though. The Dear Hunter had been on my media player for a long time. I had recognised the lead singer as Casey Crescenzo, who had been a part of one of my favourite bands ever, The Receiving End of Sirens.

The Dear Hunter write haunting, beautiful sings that are lyrically very impressive. The mainstay of their success has been based around the Ms Leading saga, where the band tells the tale of a hapless Orphan trying to discover love and his family during the First World War.

It’s Casey’s voice that entrances listeners, though. His vocals have become increasingly phenomenal after he left TREOS, and he even sounds far better live, where his vocals can truly be unleashed. See the video below for just how good his voice is.

There really are too many songs for me to properly showcase here. I would whole-heartedly recommend a listen of their songs on YouTube. The range of genres the band cover is also incredible.

The Dear Hunter are releasing a reprise of new album ‘Migrant’ and are touring Europe in 2014.

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