My 100th published article!

It took some time, some elbow grease, some perseverance and a few part-time jobs cleaning toilets, but I have started on my way into the world of journalism proper. And now, a month in, my 100th article has been published!

Here it is in all its centenary glory:

Government wants SMEs to get ‘streetwise’ on cyber crime

And here are the rest of the articles I wrote today and in the second half of last week:

Dropbox says files are safe following service hiccup

Microsoft’s official blog hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Meta search engines could be infringing database rights says EU

Mac Pro climbs back onto shelves following EU ban

Threat from new malware kit ‘Prisonlocker’ is overhyped, say researchers

Yahoo’s malware-infected advertising linked to larger cyberscheme

Welsh superfast broadband connects 100,000 properties

PC sales hit rock bottom in 2013 as tablet dominance continues

Internet of Everything worth trillions for governments

AI has taken one giant robotic step towards reality for IBM

Security experts boycott conference over NSA interference

Hackers use Amazon cloud to scrape data from LinkedIn profiles

Attackers using new technique to bring down websites

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