I need time to write to get a job, and I have no time to write because I HAVE a job

A temporary job is a cruel mistress.

Yes, I am earning enough money to actually DO things with family and friends without having to resort to that age old “I can’t I don’t really have the money” excuse. Yes I can now afford to put money away for that time in the future when I will hopefully get a proper job in something I like doing.

Those benefits come with a massive draw back. I spend 37.5 hours of my life at a computer, copying one set of data from one screen onto a sheet on another screen. Sometimes more than that if I choose to do overtime (which I generally do to afford paying off student loan debts). When I come home I’m so tired all I want to do is collapse into a heap, play some video games and relax. Which unfortunately leaves little time to do my writing – especially when I have a headache from staring at a screen all day.

I’m lucky to be in the job, I know that. It’s better than doing dishes or sweeping floors, but it’s time that could be spent writing and improving my portfolio, either here, at XP Magazine, or any other offers I may receive.

The contract runs out (again, if they sort out my current one) in December. I may just call it quits, take December and January off and then get right back down to the cycle of apply-rejection-apply.

‘Til then, I’m overtime’s bitch.

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