Job Application #100

A tremendous milestone to reach! I started applying for jobs in May, when I realised I was coming towards the end of my masters year and still hand little to no idea of what I wanted to do. Of the 100 that I have now reached, I had 6 phone interviews, 4 agency interviews, and only one face-to-face interview with a company.

The sad reality of it is that even though my two degrees were centred around research, working towards deadlines and excellent time management (all of which are required in editing) I can’t seem to beat out people who have done one degree in journalism. It’s disheartening, considering my experience in societies and magazines. That’s the job market though, and my hopeful applications for positions that are above my station, along with my focus towards video games, means that I’m not really helping myself!

Experience, experience, experience, that’s what’s needed to get into this job. I’m not stopping until I get there, that’s for sure!

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